Get Your Work Done From The Beach


Many people just come to Curacao to relax on Mambo Beach. But for others, there’s a work component to their trip. But that’s a good thing! It’s great to have the location-independence to be able to work from a tropical island paradise like Curacao, and still get paid. But if you’re considering this career path, you need to make sure that you have a good phone.

According to Office Phone Systems, it’s very helpful to set up a phone system that can forward your calls to any phone number in the world. That way, when you come to Curacao, you can just enter your cell phone number and get your work calls coming straight to you. Or if you have your computer with you, you can have your voicemails emailed to you. This makes it much easier to get your work done, and makes you mobile anywhere in the world.

So which of the many office phone systems out there is the best for this purpose? Grasshopper, according to the reviews that we’ve seen on Grasshopper lets you set up your phone system to forward your calls to your personal cell phone, and lets you place calls from that cell phone as though they were coming from your Grasshopper phone number. This is especially useful if you’re out of your home country, in a place like Curacao. Grasshopper is my preferred IP phone for when I’m traveling.

In addition to having a good phone system, you probably also need a good virtual private network (VPN). VPNs are the lifeblood of employees who are often out of their home country. Having a good VPN in place will enable you to access the internet from any public location in a secure location. And to boot, it will be a connection from your home country, so you can avoid any security concerns that might be triggered from websites that think you’re an intruder due to your unusual location.

Once you have a good office phone system and a good virtual private network, you’ll have everything you need to be a truly location-independent worker. You can relax on Mambo Beach and get your work done at the same time.